Jenson Button says he is aware his seat at McLaren is far from guaranteed for 2016, but suggests there could yet be alternative options to consider.

The most experienced driver on the F1 grid and celebrating his 16th season in the sport this year, the Englishman - along with team-mate Fernando Alonso - is however enduring a dismal year on the back of McLaren's struggles with the Honda-powered MP4-30.

With Alonso coming on board in the wake of his split from Ferrari, Button went head-to-head with 2014 team-mate Kevin Magnussen for the remaining 2015 seat and came out on top, the former champion securing a one year deal with an option to extend for 2016.

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However, with the season now at its half-way point and Button's form hard to gauge against his uncompetitive car, it remains feasible that he could be cut from the line-up next year in favour of the demoted Magnussen, or even McLaren's other highly-rated development driver, GP2 Series leader Stoffel Vandoorne.

It is a threat that Button understands, admitting it is entirely possible he won't be retained, though he does allude to other potentially options beyond retirement if he is axed.

"It [Staying with McLaren] is not a given, no - there are always options everywhere," he told Sky Sports "We are not thinking about next year. We are thinking about trying to improve the car this year. We have got a lot of work on our hands, and it is going to be a tough year but we are giving it our all."

McLaren has managed just two top ten finishes this season, with Button's eighth place in Monaco its best result of 2015 so far.


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British drivers always seem to end their careers on a low rather than a high I think, I'm not saying it's because they're past the sell by date at all before anyone kicks off, but certainly in recent years it almost seems to be a pattern !!! Coulthard spent his last year crashing ( not all his own fault )... Mansell uncompetitive McLaren... Herbert uncompetitive Jag .... Irvine numerous breakdown in the Jag .... Brundle unreliable Jordan.... Damon Hill uncompetitive Arrows ( except for once I think ) ..... hmmmm I could go on... any thoughts out there ?