Pirelli says it is willing to work with the FIA to ensure it fulfils proposals to offer teams greater freedom in terms of tyre choice, but says it must be cautious about the potential safety pitfalls.

With the Italian firm under scrutiny for its conservative approach to the 2015 tyre options, compared with the earlier days of its tyre tender when it was charged with developing high degrading rubber to help improve the spectacle of the racing, ideas are being proposed to find a middle ground.

With this in mind, the Strategy Group has raised the prospect of opening up options to teams, giving them the chance to take a shot at using alternative compounds to rivals.

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The proposal has drawn a fairly lukewarm response from Pirelli, however, who says it is concerned about the safety implications of broadening the tyre options at certain circuits, as well as concern about how it would reflect on Pirelli itself.

"There need to be certain constraints put in place to ensure that decisions that maybe would impact on safety, or the image of Pirelli, would be avoided. There would be a mid-ground that would allow some flexibility and ensures that there would be no risk to safety or the image of the company.

Despite this, Pirelli is not dismissing the proposal, saying it is will to develop the proposal to ensure that all parties can benefit from it.

"Of course, the reason why we are doing this is to try and create another level of interest from the racing point of view and that's the other point that needs to be recalled - that we're only doing it to create something that is more stimulating from the spectators' point of view.

"There are so many different proposals that it is very difficult to comment on individual ones. All we are saying is that we are getting closer to a proposal that would provide the level of variety to meet the objective but within the constraints that I mentioned, so that there is no risk in terms of safety or indeed to our image."

Though these plans are on the drawing table for the 2016 season, Pirelli is set to go head-to-head with Michelin for the control tyre supply tender from 2017 onwards, though the French company is pushing for longer-lasting, low wearing tyres as part of its proposal.