The Grand Prix Drivers' Association says it must "never relent on improving safety" following the death of Jules Bianchi.

Bianchi suffered severe head injuries in a crash during the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix after his Marussia car impacted a recovery vehicle in wet conditions at Suzuka. He had been in a coma since October, but lost his fight for life in the early hours of Saturday morning in his home city of Nice, France.

In a statement released by the GDPA, the drivers said his death is a "brutal" reminder of how dangerous the sport is.

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"Formula 1 has lost a great talent, a great man and a great friend today," read the missive from the GPDA.

"Twenty-one years after the deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger, we have now lost Jules, who has died as a direct consequence of an on track accident.

"It is at times like this that we are brutally reminded of how dangerous racing still remains.

"Despite considerable improvements, we, the Grand Prix drivers, owe it to the racing community, to the lost ones and to Jules, his family and friends, to never relent in improving safety.

"Our sincerest condolences go out to Jules' family and friends."

Meanwhile, F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone echoed those sentiments, adding 'we must not let this ever happen again'.

"It was so sad to hear the news about Jules," Ecclestone remarked. "We are now going to miss a very talented driver and a really nice person.

"We must not let this ever happen again."


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richard: omg. so jody is the oracle and says that f1 is too safe? well i doubt that the families of maria and jules would agree with him. any sport should be about enjoyment but not at the risk of lives. and why should those who want to participate "stay at home"? [\blockquote]

Richard, The man that was regarded at his time as the F1 driver that was putting himself and his peers in great danger, infamous for causing one of the biggest accident in formula one history, the only F1 driver that I know of that was openly demanded at his time that he should be banned from the sports.
He still smells of garlic when he speaks formula one matters to this day. [\blockquote]

Ricardo Patrese was universally blamed for causing the crash that killed Ronnie Peterson and plenty of people called for him to never be allowed to drive an F1 car again......

marsh202: it is a sad loss in any sport but the pc brigade need to get a grip as jody schecter said "F1 is now too safe" if you want to make it safe stay at home if you want to see true guts racing go to the isle of man TT[\blockquote]

The trouble is we will never get unanimity regards how safe F1 should be. I have heard so many past drivers and F1 pundits who say F1 is to safe and complain when the modern driver as an off and runs onto the run off area saying in the old days that would have been a crash or a DNF and that the modern driver has it to easy. F1 will always be a dangerous sport but safety has to work both ways, drivers must observe rules when under a yellow flag especially when in wet conditions.[\blockquote]

It is not just F1. Motor sport is dangerous by definition.