Lotus deputy team principal Federico Gastaldi has rejected Emerson Fittipaldi's claim that the teams are turning drivers into "robots".

Fittipaldi, Formula 1 World Champion in 1972 and 1974, recently said that part of the sports problem these days is that the drivers are no longer personalities and are neutered by the teams and sponsors.

However, Gastaldi believes the issue is far more complex and more to do with all the intense media attention the sport now gets.

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He also denied imposing any sort of restrictions on any of his team's drivers.

"I understand what Emerson's saying but I know that we as a team don't do anything proactive to stop our drivers from saying what they think. The drivers themselves are free to decide to say what they think, but they are talking in a very different world from when Emerson was a driver," Gastaldi said.

"Now if you say anything even slightly out of the normal it's repeated, misreported, analysed and regurgitated across all forms of media and I think many drivers have taken a wise approach to this; the less controversial you say, the less time you have to spend answering questions about it!

"This is part of the reason why drivers have evolved into sounding like politicians when asked many questions.

"They want to drive, not spend hours discussing their opinions on whether Kim Kardashian should appear on the front of Rolling Stone magazine."

Meanwhile, Gastaldi has urged Grand Prix promoters to ask for any help they might need from the teams in promoting an F1 race.

"I think the sport is going through something of a re-evaluation at the moment and this can be seen as a good thing as it stops us from becoming settled in our ways. Speaking as someone who has been a Grand Prix promoter as well as someone who is now intimately involved with a team I have a good grasp on the two different perspectives," he added.

"I think as a sport we should always be working to promote ourselves as best we can and this should mean closer working between the teams and events to ensure we are dancing to the same tune.

"There are more things we can do to help promote events and I would say to all the promoters 'don't be afraid to ask!'. We will do whatever we can to help make all events a fantastic success," he underlined.