McLaren-Honda's Eric Boullier says Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have set an example of optimism amidst tough times as the team heads to the Hungarian Grand Prix looking to put its poor fortune behind it.

Despite scoring only its second top ten finish of the season last time out at Silverstone, McLaren remains considerably adrift of its initial expectations as the half-way point in the 2015 F1 season looms.

Beyond the car's troubled pace and reliability issues, Boullier says first lap accidents in Austria and Great Britain have also been a source of frustration as they have destroyed new components before they had a chance to be tested.

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With this in mind, Boullier says the unrelenting optimism of Alonso and Button - whose future in the team remains undecided - has been a big boost for McLaren.

"It's been a source of great frustration to see new components and upgrades destroyed before they've had the chance to be race-proven, through a series of first-lap accidents.

"However, the unshakeable belief and optimism of Fernando and Jenson has set the example for the whole team: they are remarkable assets, and their commitment during these times is incredibly valuable.

"Honda, too, has shown a commitment that remains admirably undiminished. Together, we are showing the fighting spirit and resilience that will see us continue to improve our performance and reliability as we move back to the front.

"I hope that our performance in Hungary will scratch the surface on the performance and potential that lies within our organisation - it would be great to go into the break feeling re-energised about the races ahead."