Sebastian Vettel has branded the first half of his maiden season in Ferrari colours as 'phenomenal', despite a relative lull in results in recent races.

After a lengthy and successful tenure at Red Bull Racing that yielded four world titles, Vettel's switch to Ferrari for 2015 was keenly observed, the German quickly making his mark by winning the second race of the season in Malaysia against the otherwise dominant Mercedes' package.

Though a repeat result has been hard to come by since, Vettel remains the most consistent rival to Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg having finished on the podium in all-but-three races so far this season.

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With this in mind, Vettel is full of praise for Ferrari's efforts in the face of such a dominant competitor and is excited about its future potential to get on terms with Mercedes more regularly.

"[It has been] Phenomenal," he said. "I think we had a fantastic start, the first race being on the podium for me was fantastic, my first race with Ferrari. Come the second race, already the first win, so it was a phenomenal start.

"Also after that I think we were able to be very consistent, we had a lot of podium finishes ... we knew starting the season there was one team that is very, very difficult to beat. We have managed on occasions, as I said in Malaysia, qualifying in Bahrain, in the race as well Kimi was splitting them, so overall it has been very, very positive.

"Especially seeing what is starting to shape up in the background, which obviously you don't see here and you don't see immediately on the car, is very promising. I think the project is ongoing and I'm quite confident for the future."