Daniel Ricciardo says he has had "no direct contact" with Ferrari - and that Red Bull will put a "bit more of a plan in place in the next two weeks".

Ricciardo has been touted as a possible replacement for Kimi Raikkonen in recent weeks - along with Valtteri Bottas, with the 'ice-man's' future at the team in 2016 still unconfirmed.

Quizzed on if there has been any progress in terms of where he will be next year, in the gap between Britain and Hungary, Ricciardo said: "Talking of, let's say there was a bit of Ferrari talk around Silverstone week. Obviously we've had a few weeks off but, from my side, I will be honest with you, nothing has eventuated."

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"I haven't heard anything or anything like that," added the Australian, who is currently in the second season of a multi-year deal with Red Bull Racing having stepped up from the sister Toro Rosso team in 2014.

"It is still up until now it has just been rumours through the media, there hasn't been any direct contact from my side."

Meanwhile, Ricciardo insists for now he is "putting his trust" in Red Bull.

"I am putting a lot of my trust at the moment within the team," he confirmed. "Why I do that is because I still know the team wants to get or return to the success they had. So, when I speak to them and they say 'trust me, we're doing all we can to make sure we are going to be as competitive as possible in 2016', then that is all I need to hear for now - and that is important for me to know."

So can he see himself using the same Renault power unit in 2016?

"Not the current one," he continued. "A significantly better Renault I would accept, but as we are now I don't think we could go with this performance again next year, because other teams will keep improving. So obviously we need a significant gain and with the rest, we will see what happens.

"It is obviously in the hands of the team [what will happen on the PU front]. I am keeping my ears open for what is happening and what is being discussed with the team, with Renault and with the team's future.

"From what I understand in the next two weeks there should be a bit more of a plan in place and we will see what happens after that."

As for if it would concern him if Red Bull were to switch to a customer PU, Ricciardo noted: "Any situation at the moment isn't perfect. Obviously now we are down on power. If we were to go with a customer [engine] in the next few years, it is like, 'do you actually have an opportunity to win in the next few years?' That is obviously the big question.

"But speaking to let's say the big guys in the team, they have given me the confidence that I need and that I need to hear that they will do all they can to ensure we can fight for success."