Drivers say they are largely unconcerned by the increased number of races being proposed for the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship season, even if they admit those with families may find the schedule more difficult.

Next year's calendar will swell from 19 to 21 races with the return of Germany and the inaugural event to be held in Azerbaijan, an increase exacerbated by the shorter timeframe between the season start and season finale.

With this in mind, drivers were quizzed on whether there should be an enforced limit to the number of races in a schedule when offset against personal lives, a question that prompted Romain Grosjean to respond by saying 'the limit would be the divorce'.

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"Racing is more time away, for sure," added Felipe Nasr, who was confirmed as staying with Sauber for 2016 this week. "All of us, all of us drivers but everyone here, I'm sure they have other parts - apart from Formula One - everyone has a life behind that. But in a way I'm young, I'm in the opposite direction to him (Romain) so I'm fully open to as many races as they can do and let's go for it.

Force India drivers NIco Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez were also fairly blas? about the increase, saying they will 'do as many races as they are told'.

However, Grosjean went on to joke that increased calendar is a ruse to push out the older drivers with children, saying 'they want to get rid of the old ones, more so even those with kids!'.

The 2015 F1 season was supposed to see 20 races before the German Grand Prix was cancelled, though next year's 21 races will be a record for the series

The 2016 F1 season kicks off on April 3rd and ends on November 27th. As a reference, the 2015 season began on 15th March and ends on 29th November, with two fewer races scheduled.