Romain Grosjean says ongoing doubts over Lotus' future has had the unwelcome effect of delaying development of the current car so updates don't go to waste.

Despite denials from team bosses, Lotus remains poised for a takeover by Renault next season, with ongoing talks taking place behind the scenes.

Indeed, even though bosses won't acknowledge the discussions officially, Grosjean appears to confirm as much by saying Lotus is reluctant to spend money bringing new developments to the car in case it is indeed sold to the French manufacturer.

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"The development hasn't been as good as we wanted. It is not due to people in the factory because we have a lot of ideas in the pipeline. The CFD, the design office and windtunnel is working very well together, but at the minute we just cannot bring them to the track. When you are thinking of selling a team, you won't put any more money because it is a loss."

A frustrating situation for Grosjean, the Frenchman says the matter is a shame given the step forward made over the winter with the E23, particularly after a switch to Mercedes power, a contract that would be nullified if Renault comes on board.

"It is just a bit of a waiting situation and maybe we can know more. Then we can move ahead because from day one the base-line [of the car] is good. From where we were last year, it is a huge step forward so it shows we know how to understand the problems and put them on paper.

"But after that is was clear we need to move forward and from that baseline put some developments on the car and we couldn't achieve that."