Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton says he cannot remember having the performance like he has had this weekend after he maintained his dominance from practice to secure his ninth pole position of the season and his fifth in Hungary.

Hamilton has set the standard in every session and at the end of the top-ten shootout on Saturday he beat team-mate Nico Rosberg by a considerable margin, over half a second.

"In terms of how the weekend has gone, I am incredibly happy with that. I think it has so far been one of the best. I can't remember having the performance I have had this weekend on any weekend. I am really happy with that," he confirmed.

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"It has been a good weekend so far. I think coming here I have always generally had really good experiences, loving the weather, loving the city - definitely one of my favourite cities, but also I love the track. It is feels a bit like an old go-karting circuit that we use to race on many years ago with special soft tyres and super grippy. I think with the temperature it gives us a lot of grip here.

"But me and Nico wouldn't be up here if it wasn't really for this team. They have done an exceptional job all year long, but to just improve coming into this weekend, I can definitely feel it - a big thanks to them."

Hamilton is aware, however, that he still has plenty of work to do on Sunday, if he is to convert pole position into race victory.

"Absolutely - it is not always done on a Saturday," he continued. "We have got lots of work to do tomorrow. And yeah, there is a long way down into Turn 1 and the race is incredibly tough - not only physically, but also technically for the car. But I feel confident in my team and my car and I hope we can convert it tomorrow."

Asked how important it is to go into the summer break with a victory, Hamilton added: "It is not what you really think about to be honest. There have been times when I have not won and gone into that break and you manage to switch off and enjoy it just as much.

"Of course when you leave having done what you plan to do it makes a good few days following it. But after that you get over it and move on and do whatever you have to do and train. But I am taking all the right steps possible to make sure it is a nice summer break."