Daniel Ricciardo says he has "no regrets" about his unsuccessful late move on Nico Rosberg in the Hungarian Grand Prix, a collision that ultimately cost him the opportunity to challenge for the victory.

Ricciardo, who still came home third in his Red Bull, despite having to pit for a new front wing, added that he thought Rosberg came across him and "didn't give him enough room".

"Basically the laps were ticking down and I had to try something. I got a pretty good run out of the last corner and said, 'I am going for it this lap, no matter what' and I went for it," Ricciardo said.

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"To be honest the move, for sure it was late, but it was clean up until the apex. It was fine, Nico saw me and left me room on the entry and then just on the exit, I don't know, but from what I recall he just came back across and just basically didn't give me enough room.

"I don't know if he thought he had cleared me, but we made contact and then he had the puncture and I got the front wing damage. We pitted for a new front wing and fortunately we still ended up on the podium."

It was a dramatic race, with Ricciardo involved in an incident with Valtteri Bottas on the opening lap and another later on with Lewis Hamilton at the re-start: "It was a crazy, crazy race," he continued. "Already from the start, the first corner, there was pretty good contact with Bottas and the front of the car jumped. I thought we had damaged something. It was quite a big hit, but we seemed to still have relatively good pace.

"I saw Daniil [Kvyat - my team-mate] in front was struggling and the team decided to let me go through. I was saying I was faster and I knew I could do better pace. We got quickly passed the Force India after that and then quickly back passed Bottas with some good moves. Then the pace was pretty good.

"At the re-start, we had the option, which was an advantage, I think. That was pretty much an advantage from yesterday, by only using the prime in Q1. We were able to take advantage of that today.

"Then at the re-start I tried to go around the outside of Lewis. You don't see much in the cars, obviously your peripheral vision is pretty limited, but I felt him come in and just assumed he had locked a front wheel and slid off into me. We had more damage after that and I saw the right side pod flapping around.

"Nonetheless we were still in third and I saw the pace was still good and we were catching Seb [Vettel] and Nico...[running in P1 and P2]/"

Pressed on if the result was bittersweet, the Aussie added: "There are a lot of mixed emotions about many things right now. Firstly I am definitely still grateful to be on the podium. It has been a long year - a tough one. All of a sudden to find two of our cars on the podium is pretty surreal.

"I knew I could have sat in third and accepted that. But knowing I had the pace, I had the option, compared to Seb and Nico on the prime, I had an opportunity to do something about it. It was nearly like d?j? vu. It was like the end of the race last year. I thought we had a chance to win. I went for it and it is a bit of a shame how it ended up.

"But at the same time, I don't regret anything I did on track today. I felt I drove with a heavy, but strong heart and that makes me happy, so definitely, no regrets.

"As all the drivers have said, this race was for Jules. I left everything on the track, whether some competitors like it or not, that is how I wanted to do it. That is how I will always do it. Watching Jules grow up that was how he did it. He had amazing race craft and made some pretty impressive lunges. I feel all the moves on track... I drove inspired today. I am happy to be standing up here.

"It has been an emotional week. Before the race was emotional and it was very nice to have his family present and this one is definitely for him."