The F1 circus will take on a mildly altered Marina Bay circuit when it arrives in Singapore in a little under two months.

The changes are the result of a number of key enhancements to Singapore's Civic District and tie-in with the city-state's 50th anniversary of independence, but race promoter Singapore GP believes that fans can expect closer racing with the reworking of the section between turns 11-13.

Work by Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority will integrate the Esplanade Park and Empress Place areas to form a new arts, culture and lifestyle precinct, which will include the Asian Civilisation Museum, Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall and the National Gallery, but necessitates a reworking of the layout that forms the Marina Bay street circuit.

The FIA and race promoter Singapore GP have approved the modifications, which will see the right-hander at turn eleven re-aligned to sit tighter with the left-hand side of Fullerton Road to produce a slightly slower corner speed compared to 2014.

The left-hand turn twelve will also be modified slightly so that drivers now enter the left lane of Anderson Bridge, before accelerating towards turn 13 at 200km/h, similar to 2014, before entering a widened hairpin designed to enable more overtaking opportunities.

Faithful+Gould senior project manager Jonathan Giesecke is overseeing changes to the circuit and believes they will improve the racing.

"It is a fantastic challenge to translate changes to Singapore's Civic District into improvements to the Marina Bay Street Circuit," he explained, "I expect the modifications from turns 11-13 will enable closer racing and the potential for additional passing opportunities."

The new 220m Jubilee Bridge - which links the Merlion Park to the Esplanade promenade - has also been incorporated into the Circuit Park, providing spectators with an excellent vantage point of the fireworks display once the chequered flag is waved. Patrons can now access the Circuit Park via a new gate at the Merlion Park.

"It's a win-win situation that the development of the new arts, culture and lifestyle precinct will provide an upgraded experience, but also potentially make for closer racing at this year's Singapore Grand Prix," Colin Syn, deputy chairman of Singapore GP Pte Ltd, said, "We take pride in ensuring our event is one of the best on the calendar, and this will only add to the excitement, on top of the off-track entertainment planned for 18-20 September, which already includes Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5 and Bon Jovi."

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