Toto Wolff says Mercedes must focus on improving its race starts after both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were beaten off the line for the second successive race in Hungary.

Having dominated free practice and qualifying, Hamilton and Rosberg were compromised just moments into the Hungarian Grand Prix when both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen beat them into the opening bends from rows two and three respectively.

Setting the tone for an afternoon in which both Mercedes drivers would be involved in various scrapes as Vettel took his Ferrari to a comfortable win, the poor getaways come after a similar scenario at Silverstone when both Williams' got the jump.

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It is a recurrence that alarms Wolff, the Mercedes motorsport boss urging his team to 'get on top' of it. Indeed, even though Wolff ultimately placed the responsibility for the end result at the drivers, he says the poor start 'triggered the whole mess'.

"I am very concerned," he said. "Maybe it's better for us. Jumped by two Williams last time and jumped by two Ferraris this time. This was what triggered the whole mess. We need to get on top of the situation. It is not acceptable and needs to be analysed. I think it is many various reasons, not one particular one."

Mercedes' poor getaways come as F1 prepares to introduce new start procedures that will place greater control to the drivers, a move that will be introduced from the Belgian Grand Prix onwards.


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thanx Stuey, thats the view I was trying to make but you did a better job of it

sunny, I'm not getting your analogy about six hands on the tiller and no control over the drivers !! I thought the starts were purely down to the drivers now with no input from the pit wall so whatever control the boss' think they may or may not have doesn't have any bearing on the clutches being released by the drivers at the start ... !!!