Fernando Alonso has teased the prospect of looking beyond Formula 1 in favour of other categories if the regulations don't move in a faster, more challenging direction.

The Spaniard has been a particularly staunch critic of the new era of technical regulations, lamenting the greater emphasis on efficiency, rather than outright speed, the use of the tyres and the lack of testing available to teams.

Indeed, though Alonso - who made his F1 debut back in 2001 - is pleased to be with McLaren as it forges a new modern era with Honda, he says the general limitations of the modern formula have left him disillusioned to the point it could drive him out of the championship.

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"I love motorsport, all the categories," he said. "It is true that Formula 1 is not exactly the same or as exciting as it was in the past for me, to drive these cars two or three seconds faster than a GP2 car.

"For me right now it is a huge motivation and a fantastic project what I am in now with McLaren Honda. My first go-kart was a McLaren Honda replica and now I am in the real McLaren Honda.

"So, I am enjoying this process of getting competitive - starting from zero. But with no testing, with these tyres, with these limitations and with the calendar, for example of next year, there are the temptations of other categories, yes it is true."

Alonso was strongly linked with sportscar racing for 2015 and was planning to dovetail a season in F1 with a Le Mans 24 Hours outing with Porsche. His eventual deal with McLaren-Honda, however, would ultimately stop it from happening.