Christian Horner has come out in support of Pirelli in its bid to remain as the sole tyre supplier in Formula 1, but has urged a move back towards a higher degradation, less predictable format.

Current tyre supplier Pirelli is up against Michelin for the contract to supply tyres in F1 from 2017, though both have opted for differing proposals. Pirelli says it will commit to the direction laid out by the commercial rights holder and the FIA, while Michelin is pushing for longer lasting, low degradation rubber in line with its marketing objectives.

Though Michelin has used the example of the Le Mans 24 Hours and the World Endurance Championship for exciting racing using durable rubber, teams have generally given a lukewarm reception to the plans.

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Indeed, Horner believes F1 should err nearer to the higher degradation, multi-stop format of 2013 that yielded several different race winners, adding that Pirelli should be praised for its reaction to varying requests designed to improve the spectacle, rather than necessarily protect its own interests.

"An 18 inch rim and a one stop is going to do nothing for the spectacle of a Grand Prix and I think actually we need to be looking at doing the opposite: getting two- to three-stop races, controlled degradation, maybe more choice for the teams in terms of the tyres that they can take to Grands Prix, all the things that we're talking about.

"I think Pirelli have done a good job since they've been involved in the sport, they've been supportive of Formula One through hard times as well as the good times.

"Hopefully with the cars that are coming for 2017, that are going to be quite a bit different, quite a bit quicker, with tyres that are significantly different to what we have now as well, then that represents a great challenge and hopefully Pirelli will be successful with that."