Sebastian Vettel says Ferrari should consider the 'morale and atmosphere' in the team when considering who should partner him in the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship.

The identity of who will be Vettel's team-mate at Ferrari next season remains a question mark, with incumbent Kimi Raikkonen under increasing pressure to deliver results amidst speculation that the team has already agreed a fee with Williams to poach Valtteri Bottas.

Friends with Raikkonen off the track, though Vettel says he likes the Finn's 'no bull***t' approach to racing, he refuses to be drawn on whether he wants him to remain with Ferrari next season.

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"I know my role and in the end it's about Ferrari, it's about the team," the Hungarian Grand Prix winner said. "So I think that's the most important thing for Kimi and for myself right now. Obviously I want to beat him, he wants to beat me, that's normal competition, but the thing I appreciate a lot about Kimi is there is no bull***t; just to quote him! So we are both obviously working in the same direction, trying to help the team."

Indeed, Vettel says Ferrari is the priority in this situation, saying any final driver decision should take into account the atmosphere in the team as he believes this is how the Scuderia will ultimately return to its best.

"Whatever happens I think it's important we keep the morale, the atmosphere as a team and we keep working in one direction because I think ultimately that's what allows us to become strong again and be back on top which is all our dream."