Max Verstappen says he never felt pressure to prove himself when he stepped up to Formula 1, saying the biggest challenge of coming into the series has been learning the circuits.

The 17 year-old made history by becoming the youngest driver to start an F1 race during the 2015 Australian Grand Prix, before going on to score points in only his second outing in Malaysia.

Indeed, the youngster has proven something of a revelation in the Toro Rosso as he gets embroiled in the competitive and experienced mid-field battle, his record-breaking fourth place finish in the most recent Hungarian Grand Prix putting him within range of the overall top ten going into the second-half of the year.

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It comes after he was brought under intense scrutiny leading up to the 2015 season having been handed an F1 drive after just a single season of car racing in European Formula 3. Despite the leap and the publicity, however, Verstappen says he has never felt pressure from sceptics those around him.

"For me I don't feel less or more pressure," he told the official F1 website. "To be honest I never really felt a lot of pressure, also at the start of the year. The first two races you take it a bit easier with overtaking - you want to finish races to get experience. When you get more confidence in the car you can do braver overtakes, and I think that's getting better and better all the time."

Indeed, Verstappen feels he has successfully made gains during the first half of his rookie season, insisting the toughest challenge is learning new venues and getting the most from the tyres in qualifying.

"I don't have a lot of experience of the tracks outside of Europe, so that's also a big thing. The team helps you a lot. It's just gaining experience - learning every phase of qualifying for example: how to get the maximum out of the tyres, how to set up the car from Q1 to Q2 to Q3."