Sebastian Vettel says he is 'sad' that drivers in Formula 1 don't have closer relationships with one another, compared to those of 30 or 40 years ago.

During the British Grand Prix, Williams driver Felipe Massa expressed his disappointment that counterparts don't associate more with one another, saying the sport needs to be 'more open' and 'closer'.

"I think the problem with Formula One is that we are together but everybody is separated," he said. "I don't think this is really nice, so I think the problem with Formula One is that we need to be.

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"I'm sure that nobody knows each other in a proper way but I'm sure everybody's... maybe most of the drivers are very nice but maybe we don't know each other because is too separated."

It is a view largely shared by Vettel, who admits it is a shame that drivers that share a common passion cannot 'hang out' more, even if he accepts this is partly down to packed schedules off the track.

"If you want my honest answer I think it's different times today than it was 30 or 40 years ago," he said. "You had a lot of things happening back then which I think naturally puts the group together. Nowadays it's true everyone has his own life much more.

"Looking at how busy we are at the track, if we had to fit with everyone's agenda there's not much time to hang out. Equally, everyone seems to put his own interests above everything else. Yeah, it's sad. In the end we all share a common passion.

"Even if it's normal that you don't like some of the guys, because if you picture a school class - there's some people you like and others you don't like - it's pretty much the same here, but it doesn't mean you can't hang out."

"There were a lot of meetings where Felipe stood up and said 'I have to go' and basically didn't care anymore. I think we've all done it. As I said, the circumstances are not the same as they have been. A lot of it is very positive, some of it is not."