Jenson Button says the decision to introduce clutch-starts from the Belgian Grand Prix onwards is a 'very exciting, positive' move, but is unsure of whether it will make much of a difference.

Drivers will need to exert more control over their starts from the Spa-Francorchamps as part of a developing plan to lessen the assistance from the pit-wall and place an onus on the competiors.

The move has yielded a mixed response with regards to whether it will make a big difference in Belgium, but while Button doesn't believe it will be a 'massive issue', he feels the move is a good one for F1.

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"I don't think that is going to be a massive issue," the McLaren-Honda driver said. "The issue is we only have one clutch pedal. That is an issue. That is very different to what we are used to because obviously using two clutch pedals - as everyone does - you can manipulate the start a little bit more with dropping one pedal and holding the other.

"So, that is the bigger effect and the bigger issue for us and it is definitely more in our hands. I think that is very exciting, a positive."