Toto Wolff says Valtteri Bottas has 'no reason' to leave Williams for Ferrari, suggesting each is as capable of providing as fast a car as the other.

One of the figures responsible in forging Bottas' career path to F1, the Finn's reputation has soared on the back of Williams' upturn in recent pace, with Ferrari well-known to be keen on his services as early as 2016, potentially in place of Kimi Raikkonen.

With the Scuderia rumoured to have discussed a fee with Williams that would release him from his contract should he choose to sign, Bottas is a man in demand for 2016, but Wolff questions why he would want to go from one podium-challenging team to another.

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"He is a good guy who can be tempting for many," he told Gazzetta dello Sport. "But Williams is the third team in the championship and they aim to be on the podium at every race, so there is no reason to leave."

Indeed, from Williams' perspective, who have nurtured Bottas from a development driver to a seven-time podium winner over the years, Wolff feels it would be better retaining him as his ability and value matures.

"It makes sense for Williams - which has invested in him, taken the risk when he was young and has not got value from him - to get that by selling him to another team," he continued.