Felipe Nasr says he expects a return to the points this weekend as Sauber readies its first Ferrari engine upgrade of 2015 season for the Belgian Grand Prix.

The team has struggled to sustain the form that saw it scoring most of its points during the opening rounds of the season, with better funded rivals overtaking it in the development race.

However, as the season heads into its second-half with the Spa-Francorchamps race, Sauber will attempt to fight back with its first significant upgrade of the year having taken delivery of the latest specification Ferrari engine during the summer break.

Indeed, though Nasr remains fairly cautious about its potential, he says the gain could be up to four tenths of a second per lap.

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"We need to wait and see how things play, but if there is an opportunity that might appear, it's going to be here or Monza to come back to the points" said Nasr. "From all I've seen this year, we are competitive on the straight lines and when the temperatures out there are not as hot, I think it plays to the car."

When asked about the expected gains from the engine upgrades, Nasr said "I hear from Ferrari it is around four tenths, so it's a decent time. At Spa, if you're bringing something new, it is always helpful to have extra power."

"It can put us back in the game but I will wait and see how things play out there. But from the feeling I have and from the perspective of the team, I think if there's an opportunity, it will be here or Monza, just because the track layout plays in our favour."