Now that the dust has settled at Ferrari, former Scuderia pilot Felipe Massa is hoping that the Williams team will also announce an unchanged line-up for next year's f1 campaign.

Having been replaced at Maranello by Raikkonen's return two years ago, Massa has found a new home at Grove, where he and Valtteri Bottas have helped propel Williams back amongst the contenders after a long absence. Bottas was listed amongst the favourites to replace Raikkonen should Ferrari have ended its reunion with the elder Finn, but Massa is keen that his current partner remain put now that the door has closed.

"I think Ferrari was working for some months to decide what to do and they wanted to keep Kimi, so I'm happy for Kimi," he noted, "Hopefully, me and Valtteri can be another year together as we are working well in the team. We will just wait and see if this will happen or not, but hopefully this will happen. I think Valtteri is a good driver who has shown how he can perform and how good he can be for the team. So I expect [him to stay].

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"We still are waiting to understand what will be the right time. Nothing has changed yet , but I don't see any problem for me to stay here. Maybe I will be here next year and I'd really look forward to that. I'm happy to work with this team and I can see the same from the team."

Playing down rumours that problems for fuel partner Petrobras may unsettle his situation, Massa is looking ahead to the restart of F1 2015 at the classic Spa circuit.

"I have nothing to do with Petrobras - I didn't sign with Williams because of Petrobras, so it's nothing to do with me," he claimed, "Williams signed with me because of my driving, I never signed to anyone because of a sponsor. If they are not staying, Williams needs to find another one, but I don't think I'm something to do with that."

Spa should be a circuit that suits the Williams package, which will come as a relief after the slow track struggles of Hungary, and Monaco before that.

"Maybe we need another track like that to find out [the exact problem]," Massa suggested, "We have some ideas, but definitely we need another track like that to understand if we understood 100 per cent or not. I think it's a similar direction when it is raining or we are going to tracks where the corners are much slower, I think something is linked to the other one. Maybe if we understand one, we will understand the other one.

"Hopefully, however, we won't have another track like that soon. We have good tracks now, this track and Monza - but maybe Singapore will be our answer for that. I hope we can be competitive in Singapore, that would be a good answer for everything."