Fernando Alonso says he wouldn't expect the FIA to show leniency towards McLaren and the frequency of its grid penalties given how many engines it has now changed.

The Spaniard heads into the Belgian Grand Prix almost certainly destined to start last after a raft of power unit component changes - including an eighth engine - landed him the equivalent of 30 grid position penalties.

With Jenson Button suffering 25 grid penalty position drops too, it is the second time this season that McLaren has taken a big hit on the chin following a raft of similar penalties in Austria.

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Regulations state that a team can only use four power units over the course of the season, but while Honda was permitted a fifth power unit following unanimous agreements from rival teams, Alonso and Button have now well surpassed that.

With many fans and figures in the paddock blasting the weight of the penalties given it goes beyond the limitations of the grid, Alonso was asked whether he felt it was time for the FIA to take pity.

However, he suggests the sheer number of engine changes McLaren-Honda has experienced after just 11 races probably means it doesn't deserve leniency.

"I don't know. To be honest we have used eight or seven engines, we should use four in 20 races, and we are on the 11th [race] and have used eight. Definitely our position is not great in terms of reliability. If we had more penalty than starting last we will accept it because this weekend is a test for us."