Lewis Hamilton says starting from pole position in the Belgian Grand Prix doesn't necessarily benefit him, speculating that the long tow from Eau Rouge to Les Combes could put him in a difficult position on the opening lap.

Last year, Hamilton led through Eau Rouge after beating pole sitting team-mate down to the first corner, but was challenged into Les Combes by the equally fast-starting Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel after he got a good slipstream down the Kemmel Straight.

It is a scenario that Hamilton is wary of repeating this year from pole position this time, particularly with arch rival Rosberg starting right behind him and the new starting procedures being put into place.

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"It's not a very good place to start pole. It's always been difficult because when you're up ahead you create a great tow for whoever is behind. In a perfect scenario, I'd get a mega start with a great exit out of turn 1 and I'd be enough car lengths ahead but that's never the case generally.

"I'm not quite sure, I'm just going to do everything I can to get a good start. I've just got to try and get in the lead and stay in the lead if possible. Otherwise, it'd be a tough race afterwards if you're behind because it's very difficult to overtake here, but not impossible."