The 2015 Belgian Grand Prix will see the much discussed new start procedures geared towards delegating more control to the driver - and away from the pit wall - come into force... but what are the changes exactly?

In short, drivers will now be limited to what information they are given by teams as they prepare on the grid prior to the race, adding a level of uncertainty and tension to how the second half of the season will gets underway.

Until now, drivers have been able to experiment with the bite point on formation laps and make any necessary adjustments before the start. The bite point will now have to be set by the team before the driver leaves the pits prior to the race.

Previously, F1 drivers would set one lever of the twin clutch to the bite point with the assistance of the team, leaving the second lever fully disengaged before their start. After releasing the second lever, they'd manage their wheel spin, power, engine mapping and torque to make the cleanest getaway possible.

With the new regulations in place, no assistance from the team will be allowed from the team in finding that original bite point, creating a new challenge for the drivers on the grid this weekend.

As it stands, drivers and team managers are split on the prospects of it making a significant difference, but only when the green lights go out will its effect be realised...

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