An action-packed end to the Belgian Grand Prix was enlivened further by the performance of Daniil Kvyat, who staged a late charge up the order to claim a hard-earned fourth place for Red Bull Racing.

Having seen team-mate Daniel Ricciardo forced out of the race just before half distance - a retirement that forced RBR to carry out some precautionary checks on the Russian's data - Kvyat was left to carry the torch for Milton Keynes' finest, and he did so with aplomb, picking off a strong of cars in his final stint to pick up another sizeable haul of points to go with the podium he took in Budapest before the summer break.

"It was a great race, particularly the second half," he noted, "It was our plan to have an aggressive last stint and it worked out really well, so we have to be happy with our work today.

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"We made our strategy work, but we had to really think about it. In the end, we managed to make some good overtakes and got a good amount of points."

Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez all fell victim to Kvyat's charge, and the Russian was further rewarded when Sebastian Vettel had a rear tyre let go on the penultimate lap, promoting all those behind him by a place. Although catching Romain Grosjean for what became the final podium position was never on the cards, Kvyat admitted that, such was his enjoyment of the final stint, that he was 'always looking for the next car' to pass.

"I had so much adrenaline, catching and overtaking cars," the youngster grinned, "It was all very tight because those cars are fast in a straight line so we had to make good exits of the corners to stay with them.

"The team did a great job and the car has been fantastic to be honest, considering our issues in a straight line. We managed to compromise it to fight the Mercedes-engined cars and managed to overtake most of them, but it was very on the limit."

The move on Massa, in particular, could have had a very different outcome, but Kvyat showed his skill in not only getting by the Brazilian at Les Combes but keeping his car on the prescribed racing surface as well.

"It was very close!" he recalled, "I thought I wouldn't make it and thought I'd have to cut the corner but, in the end, I just stayed on the kerb and managed to come back on the track before he got me back.

"At the end of the straight, going 350 - it was pretty cool! It got me excited and that's what racing is about for me. More horsepower wouldn't hurt us and we will do everything to have them, but the team did a great job and there will be many beers tonight!"