Daniil Kvyat admits that the annual trip to Monza holds special meaning for him and he is eager to continue his recent run of scoring results at the Italian Grand Prix.

The Russian followed in the footsteps of other drivers not born into motorsport hotbeds by heading for Italy to further his career and continues to make his home close to the Autodromo Nazionale, albeit now across the border in financially-beneficial Switzerland.

Having taken fourth place at another of F1's iconic circuits, Spa-Francorchamps, last weekend, Kvyat is eager to get his Red Bull RB11 on track at Monza, even if the general acceptance is that its Renault engine may not be the best tool for the job of chasing podiums there.

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"I love Italy, I love being there and, for me, it's like a second home," he confirmed, "I lived in Italy for about eight years and still live very close to Monza, which is my favourite track. Every corner just gives you the feeling that you are doing something special - Lesmo I and II, Ascari... every corner.

"I won there a few times in Renault 2.0 and GP3. In Renault, I was on pole and won both races and, in GP3, I was on pole, won the feature race and finished second in the sprint race. It's a pretty cool feeling winning there!"

The Monza challenge has been lessened slightly in Kvyat's eyes with the changes to the Parabolica, but he insists that the venue remains one of the more tricky despite its deceptively simple layout.

"The changes [at Parabolica] do make a difference - it isn't quite the same experience anymore," he maintained, "You still have to push a lot and it still requires a lot of technique, but the problem is that, even if you make a mistake, you get forgiven [by the tarmac run-off].

"It's not the same but, overall, the track is still amazing. It was an important circuit for me in the past and I love it."