Pirelli says it will reveal its findings at Monza to explain why Sebastian Vettel suffered his dramatic tyre failure in the Belgian Grand Prix.

Ahead of its home grand prix, Pirelli has come under scrutiny for the quality of its tyres following Vettel's exit at Spa-Francorchamps, which prompted fierce criticism from the four-time world champion.

With the fastest circuit on the F1 calendar up next at Monza, Pirelli says it will reveal the results of its investigation during the event in an effort to allay concerns from teams and drivers.

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"We have finalised the investigation into Sebastian Vettel's tyre at Spa," said Paul Hembery. "Detailed conclusions from the technical analysis will be presented at Monza."

Regarding the race itself, Pirelli's more aggressive tyre compound choice of soft and medium rubber leads it to believe there will be higher than normal tyre wear compared to previous years.

"The cars run low downforce at Monza and that actually increases the work for the tyres considerably under acceleration and braking, because with less force pushing down on top of the car, it's the tyres that are providing all the mechanical grip.

"Allied to the kerbs at Monza, this provides our tyres with a wide-ranging all-round challenge, requiring consistent durability and performance."