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Eric Boullier considers the mooted change in regulations for 2017 to be a chance for McLaren-Honda to get back on terms with its rivals, saying its current concept will have 'matured' enough to deliver by then.

As F1 moves deeper into the second-half of the 2015 season, McLaren-Honda remains under pressure to improve its fortunes, the difficulties experienced with its underpowered and unreliable Honda power unit proving one of the year's better documented stories.

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Indeed, McLaren racing director Boullier is accepting of the hurdles McLaren has faced and will continue to face in the immediate future, admitting it was 'too ambitious' for McLaren and Honda to expect the new project to be ready in the two years it allowed itself.

"As McLaren-Honda, it was a less than two years project, I think it was too short time, too ambitious," he told "If you want in such a short time period. It was very ambitious to expect to be ready.

"Clearly it took Mercedes three and a half years to prepare this engine. Honda starting from scratch cannot do it in two years when Mercedes had nearly four years. It's impossible."

With this in mind, though McLaren has already started work on its 2016 car, its opportunity to make up significant ground on its rivals could yet be more than a year away in 2017 when the sport is set to undergo wholesale regulation changes.

As such, given the relative youth of its still 'maturing' car concept, Boullier is confident it will be the ideal chance for McLaren to adapt it to the changes, unlike rivals which will be forced to make broader changes to their more developed machines.

"Honda has the energy, the commitment and the resources and they will do it. Definitely, we trust them 100 per cent like they trust us.

"If you want to be successful in Formula One, since 2009-10, you need to have a car concept which is stable. It means you need to increment every year in development. It took 4 years for Mercedes, it took 4-5 years for Red Bull. It's the same story because this is modern Formula One.

"Our concept car will be mature and start to deliver in 2-3 years. 2017 is going to be a change in regulations and a good thing as well it that teams that have a mature aero or car concept will have to restart from scratch but for a team like us, who don't really have as much as concept at the moment, it will re-balance nicely."

Read the full exclusive interview with Eric Boullier here


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Wow... I have two issues... A) it is crazy for the team to basically write off the next year and a half and B) they are still assuming success then... that seems very unlikely with the current team set up.