The FIA says it is 'satisfied' with the findings from Pirelli's investigation over what caused Sebastian Vettel's right-rear tyre to fail at high-speed towards the conclusion of the Belgian Grand Prix and says it will consider its recommendation to study how circuit cleaning is carried out.

Following detailed analysis, Pirelli concluded that the combined effect of debris at the 'demanding' Spa-Francorchamps - which caused an abnormally high number of tyre cuts across the field - and prolonged tyre use brought on by Ferrari adopting an alternative one-stop strategy led to the failure.

With Pirelli ruling out any structural reason or 'internal delamination' for Vettel's failure, the emphasis has switched to the debris on the Spa circuit itself, with the Italian firm recommending the FIA carry out 'a study to optimise the way in which circuits are cleaned'.

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As a result, the FIA - having declared its satisfaction with the findings - says it is open to considering the aforementioned suggestion.

"The FIA is satisfied with the thoroughness of the investigation and Pirelli's conclusions as to the reasons for the tyre failures in Belgium.

"Based on this, the FIA is willing to consider any safety recommendations made by the tyre supplier for the Italian Grand Prix and for the remainder of the season."

The factor of debris on the circuit was also concluded as the reason for Nico Rosberg's leery high-speed tyre failure during FP2 at Spa-Francorchamps.