Paul Hembery says Pirelli is setting a 'condition' that it must be permitted opportunities to test its tyres in preparation for the proposed 2017 change in technical regulations, or it will walk away from Formula 1.

The Italian firm has repeatedly aired its frustrations at being disallowed from testing its tyres using current machinery, with Hembery saying it hasn't been given 'adequate support' to complete its development programme.

With its current contract in F1 expiring at the end of 2016, Pirelli is currently in contention with Michelin to secure Formula 1's control tyre supply tender from 2017 onwards.

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However, with any new deal coinciding with a wholesale change in the technical regulations, Pirelli says it must start placing conditions on its involvement in the sport in order for it to be sufficiently prepared for the modifications.

"It is a condition," he said. "We cannot continue in a scenario where we can't do our work. Without a testing programme we won't be able to stay in the sport.

"If we are to stay in F1, we need to have a much better working relationship and collaboration between all parties in the sport. We can't go through to 2017 with a dramatic change in tyre widths, for example, with the current regulations saying we can't test in any F1 car whatsoever."

Though Hembery admits the practicalities of such a request will be difficult to determine, he stresses it is crucial to ensure Pirelli is effectively tailoring the development of the tyres for a new regulation framework.

"There are a couple of proposals that have been put forward, so once we have that how to fit it into a very intensive race calendar year next year with a car that also needs to be different to the current car, because it is a wider track with more downforce, so there are a huge number of factors involved in practically delivering what we are asking.

"We would need, I would suggest, six sessions of three days each for next year and then into 2017, then you have pre-season testing."