Fernando Alonso says his former Ferrari team shouldn't be celebrating coming to Monza 100 points behind main rivals Mercedes, insisting it was more competitive when he was racing there two years ago.

Following wins in Malaysia and Hungary, Ferrari has raised the hopes of the beloved tifosi that it could spring another surprise against the otherwise all-dominant Mercedes after qualifying second and third with Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel.

Its best combined qualifying effort since the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix, when Alonso was paired with Felipe Massa, though the Spaniard congratulated Ferrari on the result, he dismisses the notion that the team is performing better without him.

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Indeed, Alonso who was released from his Ferrari contract early in 2014 before joining McLaren - where he is enduring a dismal season - insists Ferrari 'shouldn't be happy' with its deficit to Mercedes, pointing out that he brought the championship lead to Italy two years ago.

"Ferrari is doing well is relatively compared to who? Compared to us they are doing really well, but compared to what we did the five years we were together they are not doing anything better, because we were leading the championship a couple of years here in Monza.

"Now they are third, 100 points behind the Mercedes, you know congratulations to him and to them, but I don't think Ferrari should not be happy being third and 100 points behind Mercedes."

Alonso set the 17th fastest time in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix, but is one of six drivers facing penalties for component changes.