Felipe Massa says he isn't surprised to see Ferrari ahead of Williams in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix, but is more confident it has a package to prove closer to its rivals in the race.

Having taken the fight to Ferrari at the more recent Silverstone and Spa events, Williams assumed its former position behind the Italian team and Mercedes in qualifying at Monza, with Massa and Valtteri Bottas filling the third row.

Indeed, Massa says he doesn't believe Ferrari are any quicker than they have been at times in 2015 and is therefore confident Williams can pose more of a challenge over a long distance.

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"We're definitely in the fight," he said. "Tomorrow is the race, maybe we'll be better in the race than in qualifying.

"I don't really think Ferrari were quicker [than usual]. If you compare qualifying from the beginning of the season to now, they were normally faster than us. Sometimes not but sometimes yes, but most of the times, so I don't really think it's much of a surprise."

Despite forward intentions, Massa admits he is expecting challenges behind still, not least from Force India after couldn't get past Sergio Perez last time out in Belgium.

"I think we saw Force India in good shape in the last race. Here it's a very low drag track as well so we need to be ready but we're definitely looking forward.

"You never know, maybe someone gets a better start and he's then in front. It's something that can be part of our preparations, but I hope we're just looking to the front and get some positions."