Toto Wolff admits it will need to consider carefully whether the issues that forced Mercedes to swap out Nico Rosberg's new power unit won't go on to affect pole sitting team-mate Lewis Hamilton too ahead of the Italian Grand Prix.

Mercedes has used all of its in-season development tokens to bring an upgraded power unit to Monza, but an undiagnosed problems for Rosberg's new engine following FP3 would see Mercedes swap it for its 'old' specification.

Around the high-speed Monza circuit, Rosberg ended up qualifying in fourth position behind Hamilton and the two Ferraris, the German blaming the deficit wholly on the fact he is using a power unit that has completed six races.

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Though Mercedes remains relatively at ease about the problem, which it says isn't performance related, Wolff admits if it turns out to be something more serious, it may need to perform a similar change to Hamilton's car ahead of the Monza race.

"We are doing the investigation at the track at the moment and if we cannot find the root cause this afternoon we will fly it back to Brixworth," he said.

"If we find out that it is a major issue and something which would put Lewis' race at risk it is certainly something we would consider because our car has great pace and it is better to play it safe at that very moment we don't know that and I still have every belief it is something we can solve."

Hamilton himself, however, has every faith that Mercedes will ensure he starts the race with a car that would be quick and reliable.

"I'm not concerned about it, That's obviously for the team to think about and stress over. For me I'm just focused on trying to make sure I do the best job I can. Either way we'll be racing, with the Ferraris, I'm not concerned about it."