Team bosses have expressed their excitement at proposals being considered for the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship, saying the revised regulations will take the sport 'back to its roots'.

Broad discussions regarding the direction of F1 have been ongoing for months as organisers and teams attempt to address the criticisms of the current era from fans and drivers without dampening this generation's move towards greater efficiency and frugality.

Significantly, form 2017 the look of the cars will change with a view to introducing more aggressive designs and the plan is to make the cars as much as six seconds per lap faster. Format changes - including discussions about a two-race format - have also been mooted.

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Though the framework is still being refined, leading figures have expressed their excitement for some of the plans and are eagerly awaiting their introduction, with McLaren's Eric Boullier teasing that it will bring F1 back to its basics.

"I'm excited because it is back to the roots of Formula One," he told "It's like Formula One is in constant evolution, and it's good sometimes to just do a reset and come back to the basics.

"You need to have the drivers happier. You need to been seen as the main racing attraction in the world, where every driver in the world is dreaming to be. That's the first thing. If we do this, we attract the best driver and this will make the show very good. And making the show very good, makes your racing better."

With Bernie Ecclestone expressing his desire to see a return for 1000bhp V8 engines, Boullier dismisses the notion that moving away from V6's would make a difference, saying F1 is about the perception of speed, rather than figures.

"People will get used to these V6 and we need to stay with V6 in F1 to keep the interest and money from the manufacturers. What we definitely need to do is make the cars faster.

"I remember when I was 20, the first time I saw Formula One and I was absolutely blown away by the acceleration and braking. Visually, you could see the car and not understand how it could accelerate so fast or how they could stop so fast as well.

"This is what we miss - the perception of speed for fans. We miss downforce, grip and more cornering speed, nothing else.

Though discussions about race format changes haven't been publically detailed as yet, Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams teases 'interesting concepts' being considered.

"There is work going on behind the scenes in the various working groups but until we meet again, there is nothing to report on. I think the whole concept was really interesting and I'm really looking forward to how it develops and when it comes out."


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dump the Evinrude outboard motor sounding engines !!!!! 2012 they screamed 2014 they are an obscene wimper

I think keep the French away from deciding the new rules, Jean Todt is largely responsible for the current mess ,,and reading the comments from another soft French man above, worrys me, as should F1 fans be !!! leave it to the Italians, passion , and the British sence, sorry no a fence to French people, just not good in F1. Why not have V6/V8/V12, leave up to the teams, but make them last as now, nice to see so many cars Finnish a race.