Maurizio Arrivabene says it is Ferrari's intention to keep applying updates to its car with a view to making incremental improvements through to the end of the season.

Though it hasn't been able to consistently match the Mercedes' in 2015, Ferrari has proven its most complete rival since the start of the season and has largely stayed with the German team as in-season developments are applied.

It is a method that has drawn praise from Kimi Raikkonen, who said he was impressed by the 'small steps' and it is one team principal Arrivabene is keen to stay in place until the close of the year as it considers how to spend its four remaining development tokens.

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"I always said our development in terms of the car and in terms engine tokens, our strategy was to kind of have a gradual development," he said. "We spent a couple of tokens here, we were satisfied about the performance of the engine. We have to work also on the reliability of the engine, from now till the end of the season.

"Now it's a kind of tactical decision on what we want to do with the rest of our tokens. For sure, we are still in development for this car, we don't give up and we will continue till the end of the season. 'Car', it doesn't mean engine, it means the overall car."

With Mercedes using up all seven of its remaining development tokens with its Monza upgrade, Ferrari and Honda still have 4 remaining. Renault - which began the year with the most tokens to spend - still hasn't used any, with 12 to use over the remaining seven races.