Christian Horner says the increasing use of run-off areas, rather than gravel traps, is potentially contributing to the higher number of cuts being discovered in Pirelli's tyres.

The Italian firm concluded that track debris had been the cause for both Nico Roberg's tyre failure during FP2 at Spa-Francorchamps and Sebastian Vettel's dramatic right-rear tyre blow during the Belgian Grand Prix.

After lengthy but 'very healthy' meetings between F1 teams and Pirelli, Horner felt Vettel's immediate reaction to his retirement in Spa was justified and progress has been made as a result.

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Horner also says the increase of run-off areas rather than traditional gravel traps means drivers have been able to be more aggressive in the corners which has increased the punishment the tyres sustain.

"It's not an easy job for Pirelli, every service is different, every kerb is different in the circuits that we go to," Horner said. "Obviously the drivers are abusing the circuits, more than when there were perhaps gravel traps or because the run-offs are different, so they can at any advantage a driver can find, he will obviously use. You know Eau Rouge is a very different corner to what it was 10 years ago.

"Everybody discussed very openly their concerns and their issues and Pirelli put forward some very valid points. I think it's that kind of atmosphere that it's conducive to making progress."