Lewis Hamilton has shown throughout his F1 career that he likes to go his own way, leaving his own distinct impression on things - and he insists that overtaking on the racetrack is no different

With his move at Maggots and Becketts in GP2 remaining one of his defining moves, the reigning world champion says that, despite a known affinity for playing racing games, he prefers to let matters come to him rather than practicing passes in his head or on the computer screen.

F1 rookie Max Verstappen revealed that he had already pulled off his Blanchimont pass on unsuspecting simulator racing rivals before making the same 'around-the-outside' move on Felipe Nasr during the Belgian Grand Prix. With that in his back pocket, the Dutch prodigy then duped double world champion Fernando Alonso with a more traditional pass - if there is such a thing at Blanchimont - on the inside of the McLaren.

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While Verstappen later revealed that he practiced outrageous moves from the safety of a games console to see if they might be possible, Hamilton insisted that he preferred impulsiveness in his overtaking.

"I think, as a new generation, there may be a different way to do it, [but] I am more of an 'edge of my seat' driver," the Briton claimed, "I like freestyling when I am out there. None of my overtaking manoeuvres are the same as another - I like the spontaneity of an overtake."

Battles with Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in Bahrain and the USA highlighted Hamilton's mantra in 2014, as did the 'two for one' move on Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo at Hockenheim...

"You never know when it will happen," he smiled, "You can try and plan ahead, but if you look at my career and some of the overtaking spots I have decided to do, which people don't expect... I don't like planning things. I like arriving and not knowing where I will do it - it makes it more exciting for me."