Romain Grosjean says that, regardless of whether the E23 proves to be a threat at Marina Bay, he will head to Singapore believing that anything is possible.

The Frenchman surprised himself, Lotus and the F1 paddock by taking a hard-earned third place in the Belgian Grand Prix last month, but came crashing down - literally - at Monza, as he was taken out by another driver at turn one.

Although he managed to limp away from the scene of the accident, Grosjean was unable to return to the pits and, with team-mate Pastor Maldonado also the victim of someone else's over-exuberance, Lotus' day was done a lot earlier than expected.

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"We started in the top ten but then another driver's optimism - at the first corner of all places - meant the rear suspension of my car was damaged," he sighed, "That was it, race over.

"Once again, however, we all saw what a tremendously strong and resourceful squad Lotus F1 Team is, as everyone rallied round and overcame the difficulties put in our path. Everyone worked really hard and, while I was pretty gutted, we will carry on."

Confirming that he sees Singapore as the team's 'next opportunity for points', Grosjean says there is no reason why Lotus, even without the sort of upgrades rivals have been able to throw at their cars, shouldn't be a factor in the hunt for points.

"The E23 is a pretty balanced car in its qualities, and seems to go well everywhere," he explained, "This means we go in with the opportunity of scoring points at tracks with very different characteristics. Every time I get in the car, I think 'let's see what she can do', so I'm positive heading to Singapore, Suzuka and all the rest of the circuits ahead.

"Qualifying third there in 2013 was nice, but I had to retire [from the race], so the memory is a little mixed. Actually, it is still a good memory to have such a strong qualifying because I think that, at a street circuit like Marina Bay, a driver always makes that little bit of difference to the ultimate lap time.

"This year will be interesting with the E23, as it is a car that does inspire confidence, and confidence is king when you're on a street course. The track is really impressive, with some technical parts and some classic street circuit 'ninety degree' turns. There are a few decent straights, but it is mainly busy, busy, busy for us, with corner after corner. The biggest challenge will be if it's wet at any time - then we really have to work hard!"