McLaren-Honda racing director Eric Boullier has echoed the views of Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner by urging greater 'dictatorship' from those in power in an effort to forge a future for Formula 1.

Formula 1's 'Strategy Group' has come into criticism for its failure to push through a number of technical and sporting regulation changes as the vested interests of various parties repeatedly stand in the way of majority agreements.

In the wake of increasing public pressure to put the interests of the sport first, a concerted effort by teams, the FIA and FOM have subsequently established a framework for F1's future with a planned wholesale change in regulations for 2017.

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Even so, the effectiveness of the Strategy Group continues to be debated by teams, with Horner proving one of its more outspoken critics and encouraging the FIA and FOM to establish greater control and 'challenging' teams to accept its recommendations or leave the sport.

It is a view that McLaren's Boullier says he shares, suggesting the 'owner of the show' must dictate the direction of the sport, not the teams.

"The story is that the owner of the show must dictate what they want, nothing else," he told "That is what it is for the show. You like it, you join, you enjoy. If you don't like it, you go, nothing else.

"We are competitors and the more democratic you are in this paddock, the less contentions you will find. It will depend who leads it though."

However, Boullier doesn't believe employing an 'independent advisor' - like Ross Brawn, as suggested by Horner - is ultimately the way forward.

"I have a lot of respect for Ross Brawn, he is a great technician and knows how to make cars fast, he has won many championships but he is a competitor. He may have nice technical ideas to make the show better, that is true, but if he won so many championships in his car, it was because he was better than the others and he did it to serve his own purpose."