Daniel Ricciardo says he simply wants an engine that will get Red Bull back towards the front of the field, describing the ongoing issues with Renault as a 'torture'.

With Renault all-but-confirming it will not be supplying customer teams in F1 from next season as it seeks to renegotiate its existing contracts, Red Bull Racing looks set to seal a deal with Ferrari after its preferred option of Mercedes was vetoed by the manufacturer.

As it stands, Ricciardo maintains he doesn't know what Red Bull's plans are for the 2016 season regarding engine supply, but he says his primary desire is simply that it is fast.

"My preference is whatever is fastest," he said. "At the moment with the badge it doesn't change - people say Mercedes, Ferrari, what would it be? Whichever is going to give us the better chance of victories right now is what I want. We will see what happens, but something that is (fast).

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With Mercedes turning down a potential Red Bull supply over concerns it would be assisting a key rival, Ricciardo admits a Ferrari supply would cause the same concerns as he believes it would likely prove more competitive with the power unit.

"For sure they would have some objections, but it does not change much. If it gives us a better chance to win, I don't really care what it is at this stage.

"I'm sure it would be closer. In some races we've been close to Mercedes, close enough to think if we had another engine that we might be there. Then in other races when they are 1.5secs in front it is hard to say an engine is going to give us all that. There is always the question mark of what comes with more power."

Regardless, Ricciardo says Red Bull 'deserves' a better engine to make the most of the car's potential, describing the tough two seasons with Renault power as 'torture'.

"The torture has gone on so long and obviously we have had a pretty long year right now - not only me as a driver, but us as a team. We just want something that will see us on the podium more often and give us what we deserve as a group."