Felipe Massa says he is hopeful Williams can score "good points" this weekend in Singapore, even if it is "definitely" not the best track for them.

Williams had a dismal weekend in Monaco - a track with a lot of similarities to the Marina Bay Street Circuit - but despite struggling there, the Brazilian is optimistic about what they can achieve this Sunday.

"Definitely it's not the best track for us," Massa said in the build-up to the 13th round in the 2015 F1 World Championship. "We struggled in Monaco and in Budapest as well [another high downforce track]. So it is not the best track for us - but it's also true that even last year it was not the best track for us but we were better here than in Monaco or maybe Budapest as well.

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"I remember I finished fifth here last year, we did a good race and perhaps the car last year was even worse than this year. So I think it's a race where many things happen and the possibility to score good points is there.

"So we need to believe in that and do everything the best we can to achieve that, also knowing that from after this race until the end of the season most of the tracks are good for us. There are still many races where we can do well."

Pressed on if Williams has learned from its troubles in Monaco and Hungary, Massa added: "I hope so! We have some ideas, we are working on that but I think we have not been racing again on these kind of tracks - even when it rains we are very similar when it rains. So we are losing a lot.

"When we are missing mechanical grip we are not strong enough, so I think it's linked, one thing to the other. We're working, but maybe we need a good race here to understand if we've fixed something or not," concluded the Brazilian.