Williams driver Valtteri Bottas says he has not really been that pleased with the results this season and that everyone in the team expected more.

Bottas has only taken one podium so far this year, whereas this time twelve months ago he had bagged four, including coming second in Britain and Germany.

Speaking ahead of his 50th grand prix start this weekend in Singapore, he added that while Williams has improved, it hasn't improved enough in comparison to the competition.

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"Well I have to say I'm not really that pleased with the results," he confirmed. "Of course we aim to make a step forward. I think we've improved from last year but, compared to others, not really.

"So, as a team, I think everyone in the team is expecting more and we are aiming to do better in the future and obviously I'm staying with the team [in 2016] so it's very nice to start building from this because I still think we're not yet at a peak and we can definitely do better. From my side also, it's been a very mixed season.

"A lot of things have not been going to my side, so unlucky races, unlucky results. That's how it is sometimes. Always need to look forward."

Asked what he wants from the car in 2016, Bottas added: "Downforce! And power! That's what keeps you going. I think as a team we really need to improve in all areas like we've seen we've had quite a few issues still with pitstops and some mistakes from us, as a team. We're still just getting stronger in all areas. Unfortunately, sometimes the way to improve is to do that mistake and then learn from it. I'm sure that soon there will be no more mistakes we can do.

"We can always just make sure we learn from those and improve. Like I said before, I think we definitely can be stronger than this year."

Meanwhile, looking to this weekend, he thinks points are possible, despite his poor record on street circuits - he has yet to score in either Monaco or Singapore in F1, although he did come close at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in 2014.

"We're going to fix it this weekend - definitely," he continued. "Monaco was a big struggle last year and this year and Singapore - I think we're going for points, we were trying for a mega-long stint to keep the position last year and then in the end my tyres were finished and I think it was on the last lap I dropped out of the points.

"It is possible to get points and for sure maybe the luck has not been on our side but we need to improve the car so that it's also quick in these kind of places.

"Actually we do have some updates on the car here for the front wing and for the rear brake ducts so it's there and hopefully those create a bit more downforce."