Ferrari has offered its apologies after a complaint was brought against it following an incident during post-race Parc Ferme in Singapore.

The Secretary of the Event issues a grievence after Ferrari team members behaved 'in an inappropriate manner' whilst celebrating their Singapore Grand Prix win.

"The Stewards, having received a complaint from the Secretary of the Event on behalf of himself and the members of the security contingent at Post Race Parc Ferme, that some members of Scuderia Ferrari failed to obey instructions of relevant officials and behaved in an inappropriate manner, have heard from the Team Manager, the Secretary of the Event and the Head of the Security Contingent," said the FIA in a statement."

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In response, Ferrari has offered 'a written unconditional apology' from team principal Maurizio Arrivabene.

"The Team Representative has offered to have the Team Principal send a written unconditional apology to those who were affected and to give an assurance that there will not be a recurrence."

Sources say Ferrari team members surged forward in celebration of Sebastian Vettel's win, causing altercations with marshals and photographers in the Parc Ferme area.