Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel says he probably did push a bit too much in his opening stint, although in the end he still took victory in the Singapore Grand Prix.

Vettel lead from start-to-finish, but was kept honest throughout with former team-mate Daniel Ricciardo never far behind.

Vettel stormed off in the opening few laps, but opted for a different tactic after his first pit stop.

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"First it was fairly simple, you drive a bit into the unknown. I was trying to pull a gap and was surprised by the opening laps, to pull 5 seconds straightaway and then eased off. But I was probably pushing a bit hard at the beginning, which allowed Daniel to just be that two, three or four tenths quicker at the end [of the first stint]," Vettel explained.

"Obviously I had a bit of margin left, but the safety car answered all the questions about the first stop - and the same for the second stop.

"So I think it was pretty straight forward when to stop because you obviously take advantage of losing less time through the pit lane. But yeah, I did pretty much the opposite on the second stint.

"I was controlling the pace in the second stint for a while and then I went for it. And in the last stint, I knew with the prime, they are a bit more resilient. I could maintain the gap. I wanted to put fairly quickly something like 2 or 3 seconds between us to make sure Daniel doesn't get too excited and attack at the end - and it worked. I knew that the prime tyre would favour us probably a bit and it did. At the end we faced some traffic, but he never really got close, so I could control the end fairly well."

Meanwhile, asked if Ferrari can now really take it to Mercedes, Vettel added: "If we have more weekends like this, yes. But all we have to do is look after ourselves - maximum attack and what they do is not in our hands.

"We still have a small chance - maybe we can make the impossible possible.

"We will definitely go for it."

Finally, Vettel was quick to pay tribute to Ferrari: "It is obviously a great day. We had a really great weekend. Thanks to the team. The car was fantastic yesterday - amazing the feeling I got - and then the same today. I was able to look after my tyres and control the race. All-in-all a perfect weekend.

"I am very, very happy."