Sebastian Vettel says he is not even thinking about trying to equal Michael Schumacher's record of 91 career wins, after taking his 42nd in Singapore last weekend, putting him third on the all-time list.

By winning at the Marina Bay Circuit on Sunday, Vettel surpassed Ayrton Senna's career win tally and now trails only Alain Prost on 51 and of course Schumacher - statistically the most successful driver Formula 1 has ever seen.

Asked if he can see himself beating both of those people in time, Vettel replied: "I think I could consider myself the luckiest racing driver in the world if there were as many race wins to come as there was with Michael.

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"I think, to be honest, Prost's is in sight somehow. I'm 28 so I'm not the youngest any more especially if the kids start racing at 17 now.

"But Michael's is just ridiculous: number of wins, number of poles, number of fastest laps. I think all the statistics you can go for you compare yourself to him or anyone to him, so I think that's far away.

"So if you have 23 corners in Singapore, I consider myself being in turn one and Michael in turn 23. I'm not really looking at that. I'm having a great time. I think I can consider myself very lucky and blessed the way things have turned out.

"I've always had a more or less competitive car, competitive team, so if it keeps going that way then I can consider myself very lucky."

Vettel's victory in Singapore, his third since moving to Ferrari this year, also saw him match what Schumacher achieved in terms of wins in his debut season with the Scuderia in 1996. However, Vettel said such a comparison is not really valid.

"I don't think you can really draw that comparison," he confirmed, "and in all fairness, I think the car he had in 1996 was a lot worse than what we have this year which shows again what a great racing driver he was."

Meanwhile, Vettel also warned that while Ferrari is getting better and better, the future is not something you can exactly foretell.

"It's impossible to predict the future. I think we are now on a good track with the team, Kimi [Raikkonen] and myself, so I think we've got some years ahead of us which we can enjoy. In a way you can forget the statistics, I think the most important thing is the sheer fun in life and get paid for it, that's a great thing," concluded the four-time F1 world champion.


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Remind me again why some people don't like this guy?

Tough and quick on the track, modest, relaxed and witty off it.