Daniel Ricciardo says he is "not worried" about Red Bull's engine situation, despite all the uncertainty and is confident it will get solved.

Red Bull look set to split with Renault at the end of this season and with no replacement yet confirmed the team is in a bit of a predicament.

Rumours over the Singapore Grand Prix weekend saw Red Bull again linked with Volkswagen, while a Ferrari customer engine contract for the next two or three years has also been mooted to potentially give VW time to develop its own power unit.

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Asked if he is concerned about what engine Red Bull will have in 2016 and if they might end up without one at all, Ricciardo replied: "Now I'm not worried. I think we've still got time. It's not December yet, so if we're in this position in December then, maybe I'm a bit worried. Maybe I'm facing a year of getting paid to do nothing...

"I don't know how that would feel but for sure I want to be here, want to be racing. Obviously I'm at a bit of a peak of my career, I'm learning all the time but enjoying it and want to keep racing definitely and keep racing at the front."

"For next year, in time it will get solved," he added. "Obviously the sooner the better for everyone to start working and preparing the car for next year.

"Obviously it depends on what engine you have: you design the car around that, the set of geometry of the engine - but yeah, we'll see how we go in the next few weeks, hopefully we'll get an answer."

Meanwhile, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel said it wasn't his decision whether or not the Scuderia supply Red Bull with engines in 2016.

"Well, it's not in my hands. Obviously I think Daniel answered that question fairly well. I think as a racing driver you want to race and not worry about these kind of things. I cannot really provide him with an engine, I'm not making the decisions," Vettel said.