Nico Hulkenberg has admitted he was to blame for the collision with Felipe Massa in Singapore, something that has left him straddled with a three-place penalty for this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix.

Hulkenberg had said he was "frustrated" with the penalty immediately after Sunday's race at the Marina Bay Circuit and that he couldn't understand why the stewards had penalised him without first giving the drivers' a chance to offer an explanation.

However, having now viewed footage of the incident, the Force India pilot conceded he probably should have given Massa more room.

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"Obviously I looked at the video footage and I think I probably should have given him a bit more room, because he was on the inside and I had some space on the right," Hulkenberg said on Thursday.

"Visibility is also difficult when you are alongside each other and I thought I was ahead enough, but I wasn't clearly, in hindsight, so we take up the penalty here. But it's behind us, now we move on and make the best of it this weekend."

Meanwhile, Massa has revealed Hulkenberg texted him after the race to apologise for the incident.

"He wrote me a text to apologise, which is nice. I have no problems. We were fighting and maybe he was too optimistic to close the door like that. It is nice to have the message," Massa confirmed.

"I think he had a big chance to stay in front. He could brake much later and if he had stayed on the right, then the corner would be in his favour. He just closed the door too early and didn't leave enough space for me.

"From that angle it was impossible to see him. I saw him when I was already braking, so for me I couldn't do anything because I was in front. It was easier for him to see me than for me to see him."