Max Verstappen has been demoted three positions on the grid for the Japanese Grand Prix after he was judged to have stopped on the race track dangerously following mechanical problems at Suzuka.

The Dutchman suffered a loss of electronic power on the Toro Rosso at the end of Q1 as he exited the hairpin, coming to rest askew on the track, pointing off course but still on the tarmac.

Forcing a yellow flag that scuppered several laps for other drivers, Verstappen was reported to the stewards after it became known that he initially moved to the left of the circuit and then switched back right across the racing line, only to then stop on it.

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As a result, the stewards have punished him accordingly with a grid demotion from a provisional 15th to 18th for the Suzuka race.

"Car 33 experienced a sudden power loss at the exit of turn 11, the driver initially moved to the left side of the track towards a safe position and when it was about to stop, moved to the right on the racing line, where it eventually stopped. This caused double yellow flags to be shown and endangered oncoming drivers."

The man himself, meanwhile, was frustrated to suffer yet another problem in qualifying.

"I lost all electricity so the dash switched off and no power anymore. I was in the middle of the track and all the electricity was gone so I couldn't use the clutch anymore and when you are very low, you are stuck in gear. We have had so many times in qualifying that we had a problem."