Daniel Ricciardo says he expected to see Red Bull engine supplier Renault make a bigger step forward for 2015, admitting he is now looking ahead to getting back to form in 2016.

Following a disappointing season in 2014 as Renault struggled to get a grasp on the new generation of V6 Hybrid power units compared with Mercedes, its fortunes dwindled further in 2015 as efforts to recover ground in terms of performance prompted a decline in reliability.

Forcing Renault to engage in a methodical development period over the course of 2015, it also prompted a public spat - and ultimately an early end to its contract - between Renault and Red Bull.

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Indeed, Ricciardo says he reflects the feeling of disappointment felt by the Red Bull team over what it feels is a backward step in terms of reliability, but with its contract not concluding, Ricciardo is hoping a competitive engine supply will provide the fix it needs.

I will be as straight as I can, but we expected this year to be better, not only from performance but from reliability, so this year was more challenging than we hoped. You just hope moving forward that whatever happens in 16 that we don't struggle as much as we did this year."

As it stands, Red Bull is yet to agree a deal with Ferrari - its only option after Mercedes turned its bid down -, raising fears that the team could quit the sport altogether if it doesn't get a competitive power unit.

Ricciardo, however, said over the Japanese Grand Prix weekend that he remains confident Red Bull will be present in 2016 and his job is safe.